Roasted Coffee Suppliers.
We offer specialty coffee at unbeatable prices.

Colombian DIRECT TRADE Coffee, roasted at origin.
Our freshly roasted coffee is made with freshly harvested beans.

Our direct trade model:

1. Origin

Coffee is produced in one of our associated farms in Colombia.

2. Roasting

We roast your coffee in Colombia using freshly harvested beans.

3. Air shipping

We deliver your freshly roasted coffee in 3 days with Fedex.

What are the advantages of this model?

Affordable prices

Because the roasting process takes place in Colombia, we can offer you a better price, typically 30% cheaper than your local roaster.

Double freshness

You’ll get fresh coffee roasted by certified professionals (SCA), made with FRESHLY HARVESTED beans. That makes a huge difference!

Fair trade

You’ll be supporting fair trade practices, contributing to better prices for coffee farmers.

Higher quality

Because we don’t need to store our beans for months, our coffees stand out for their intense and delicious flavors and aromas.

3-day delivery across the U.S. with FedEx

What kind of coffee are you looking for?

We have several coffee profiles, from classic coffees, which are ideal for espresso-based drinks, to really exotic, unique profiles.

Private label

We will roast, grind and package your coffee to your specifications. Create your own coffee brand.

Contact us!

Please, feel free to ask for samples! You’ve probably never tried fresher coffee! As wholesale coffee suppliers, we’re committed to offering you the highest quality.

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