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How traditional coffee trade works:

1. Origin

Coffee farmers produce coffee in a producer country.

2. Export

A company buys, storages and exports coffee.

3. Shipping

Green coffee travels in a container for weeks.

4. Import

A company imports and storages the coffee in your country.

5. Storage / Distribution

Coffee is kept in warehouses for months and then distributed.

6. Roasting

A roasting company roasts your coffee.

7. Final client

You finally get to enjoy your cup of coffee.

How we work:

1. Origin

Coffee is produced in our farm and associated farms.

2. Roasting

We roast your coffee using freshly harvested beans.

3. Air shipping

We deliver your freshly roasted coffee in 3 days via Fedex.

4. Happy clients

You can enjoy your highly fresh coffee.

What are the advantages of this model?

Affordable prices

Because all the process takes place in Colombia, we can offer you a better price, typically 30% cheaper than your local roaster.

Double freshness

Fresh coffee roasted by certificated roasters (SCA), made with freshly harvested beans.

Fair trade

You’ll be making coffee trade way more fair, helping the development of producing countries like Colombia.

Why trust us?

FNC members

We are members of the National Federation of Coffee Growers of Colombia. Our registration number is OIC 3264.

SCA certificated roasters

Our coffee is roasted by certificated roasters (SCA).

Fedex service

We partnered with Fedex to offer you the fastest / more reliable shipping service.

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